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DOMME cuff bracelet in either  Sterling Silver or 22K Gold plated brass.  Simple and elegant but with a message.  Domme Collective Jewelry is designed by Los Angeles based, World Famous Dominatrix and Entrepreneur Isabella Sinclaire and inspired by the many people who live life fearlessly and without apology.   

\ ˈdäm  , ¦dä-¦mā\
plural dommes
Definition of domme
: a female dominant : DOMINATRIX“In general, we're all safety nuts,” said John Warren, a founder of the Boston Dungeon Society who has written a number of books on BDSM. “The problem with pro dommes, is there's no restrictions. All you need is enough money to buy an ad. Some are very professional, but there are others who are basically Barbie dolls with whips.”

"DOMME" Cuff